The 5-hour rule the most successful people use

The five-hour rule is all about managing your habits. And no matter what, never underestimate how much your seemingly innocuous habits of today impact your future dreams. This is because of the so-called transfer effect, according to CNBC, wherein you develop certain habits that lead to other habits. For a negative example, if you habitually […]

Twitter reacts to Kendall Jenner staring at LeBron Jame

Unfortunately for Kendall Jenner, not everyone was distracted by the 2019 Grammy Awards this weekend. On Sunday afternoon, Feb. 10, 2019, the supermodel was spotted at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Penn., where she cheered on her NBA star boyfriend, Ben Simmons, as he and the Philadelphia 76ers took on the Los Angeles Lakers for the second […]

The untold truth of Ted Bundy

Before his long-delayed trip to the electric chair, Ted Bundy insisted his depravity had nothing to do with how he was raised. He claimed he was brought up in “a wonderful home with two dedicated and loving parents” and painted a portrait of familial bliss devoid of the slightest vice. His relatives, however, told a […]

Stars who can’t stand Jim Carrey

To say conservative television hosts aren’t a fan of Jim Carrey is an understatement. The actor is particularly loathed by the cast of Fox & Friends, as evidenced by a segment they dedicated to him in March 2018. “There is a double standard,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt complained during the episode about Carrey’s supposed portrait of Sanders (via The […]