Mysteries from the ancient world that have been solved

The Nazca people were an ancient civilization in what is now Peru, perhaps best known today for the mysterious Nazca lines, intricate and complex miles-long line drawings of subjects such as a hummingbird, a jaguar, trees, flowers, and a monkey. These drawings were made by cutting shallow incisions into the soil of the Nazca Desert, […]

Mama June’s tragic real-life story

June Shannon returned to the reality show circuit full force in 2017 with a series on WEtv dubbed Mama June: From Not to Hot. As if the title isn’t passive-aggressive enough, the premise of the show was to film Shannon’s full-body makeover. According to E news, she “weighed 460 pounds at her heaviest,” but transformed her […]

Worst Dancing with the Stars wardrobe malfunctions ever

Australian pro Sharna Burgess began her dance education at the age of 5, training in ballet, jazz, and gymnastics before moving onto ballroom dance. She’s represented her country at the World Championship level and performed at the Olympic Games closing ceremony in Sydney, Australia in 2000, but to American audiences, she’s best known for several […]

Why Tyga has a reputation for treating pets terribly

Besides cranking out hit songs, rapper Tyga is also known for shrugging off his bills, including outstanding leases totaling $127,789.73, according to TMZ. But those bills aren’t the only things allegedly being neglected. The “Rack City” rapper has also been accused of treating his pets terribly. Back in 2015, while he was still dating reality star Kylie […]

The untold truth about Tom Holland and Zendaya

The rumors surrounding Tom Holland and Zendaya’s love lives quieted down a bit between Spider-Man films. However, an Instagram mishap reignited the dating speculation in the lead up to Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s 2019 release. Following a Disneyland outing with his Spider-Man co-stars that May, Holland shared a seemingly innocuous snapshot with Zendaya and Jacob Batalon, but he […]

The untold truth of Stephen A. Smith

The NBA insider has a gift for gab, but does he have any game on the basketball court? According to The New Yorker, Stephen A. Smith spent a lot of his childhood “shooting hoops” at a playground in Queens that had “no working lights.” His mom, a nurse, encouraged his love of the game because it […]

The fakest storylines on The Hills revealed

Despite the fact that viewers were busy shipping Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner, it turns out that their fledgling relationship was totally fake. Conrad broke the news to Us Weekly in 2016: “We were always more friends than anything.” While several plot lines on The Hills involved Conrad and Jenner hanging out, dating, and even sharing […]

The untold truth of Tati Westbrook

While the rest of us have been swiping endlessly in a sea of men who won’t commit, Tati Westbrook somehow managed to find husband James online. What are the odds? Then again, what are the odds of becoming a famous YouTuber, too? (Seriously, could we have some of that good luck?) That said, the pair’s […]

Bizarre things that only exist in Russia

Parents mostly don’t read Grimm’s Fairy Tales to their kids anymore because Grimm’s Fairy Tales are freaking terrifying and modern parents occasionally want their kids to be sleeping in their own beds, not curled up in the master bedroom for fear of being eaten by some crazy old woman living in a candy house. But […]

Proof that reality TV is completely fake

If some of the cases on Judge Judy appear too crazy to be real it’s because some are faked or exaggerated. This came to light when former participants on the show admitted that they invented their entire case in order to receive settlement money that the show pays (in this case it was $1250, plus […]